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Q: Tell me about CCA?

A: Started in 1988 by a local concrete contractor in Grand Junction, CO, Colorado Concrete Accessories was sold to the current owners in 2008.  They run the business, live and raise their family locally, and are active in many community organizations.  With 10 employees, it operates a rebar fabrication department, product warehouse, wholesale and retail store.  It primarily supplies to concrete contractors, general contractors, resellers, and oil and gas companies in the region.

Q: Is CCA a local company or held by a parent company?

A: We are a Colorado corporation proudly family-owned by Grand Junction people just like you.  Other local businesses assist us with accounting, marketing, maintenance, and other services.  We proudly buy and sell as much USA-made quality products as is available to us.

Q: Is CCA capable and qualified to handle my project needs?

A: Since 1988 we’ve provided supplies, delivery and rebar fabrication to the largest projects in the region.  our full time rebar department consists of aSa CAD drawings, tagged end products, and delivery to the job site.  The brands we carry are the best in the concrete industry and come with support after the sale and warranties that make you comfortable.  Special orders and change orders can be the norm on jobs and we are flexible and fast to keep you going and to keep your customer happy.  A professional result is what we like to see every time!

Q: Are you expensive?

A:  Not compared to our competition!  We price match, know the industry, and understand the value of what we sell.  Normally, you won’t find the same product at a lower price locally or on-line.

Q: Do you take credit cards?

A:  Yes – VISA, MasterCard, and Discovery, in store and over the phone.

Q: Can I setup an account?

A:  Yes, with good credit history and by providing us with information on your company.  We usually take 1-2 days to set it up and your good to go.  Our terms are Net 30 from date of purchase and we send out a statement each month as a reminder.

Q: What benefit is there to have an account with CCA?

A:  The biggest benefit is pricing.  We give you a discount on what you pay for each item based on your purchase volume.  This can be as much as 12-15% off our regular prices.  Plus you get notifications on specials and in-store deals.  The other big benefit to account holders is whenever you need a credit reference, we are there to help.  Normal turn-around on providing credit information on your behalf is a couple hours.  Finally, we refer our DIY customers to you, the professional.  We want to see your business succeed!

Q: Aren’t the box stores just as good with better inventory?

A:  No way, no how!  The product lines we stock are professional grade for professional use.  We don’t sell “consumer lines” even though some of our manufacturers make similar stuff for the DIY guy.  In fact, most of the items we carry state “professional use only.”  We have the largest stock of any concrete specialty store between Denver and Salt Lake City.

Q: What relationship do you have with the brands you carry?

A:  We buy almost exclusively direct from the manufacturer and most items are Made in the USA.  So we get the best pricing, customer support, and stocking options for you.  Without the middle man (or corporate office inventory control), we are flexible to stock what you need, when you need it, at a price that won’t kill you.  If you need submittals (MSDS, DOT, ASTM, Made In USA, etc) for any products, we can get them for you quickly.  We choose only quality product lines and have great stock options for you in store.  If we don’t have it, we’ll usually get it overnight – that’s how much our manufacturer partners work with us!  Oh, and we don’t buy cheap foreign stuff and stamp our name on it to look cool – besides, who wants to buy something and then see a suppliers name on it just so they get the advertising!

Q: Do you deliver?

A:  We deliver to the entire Western Slope of Colorado, Eastern Utah, and So. Wyoming.  Plus we ship our products all over the US.  Call us and we’ll get it to you on your schedule!

Q: Do you have a website?

A:  Sure do, you’re here!  You can shop, but we don’t sell our stuff there.  Most of our items are for professional use and most of you don’t buy big stuff on-line.  Besides, wouldn’t you rather talk to someone who knows the industry?  If you need something shipped, we already do that directly from our store or as a drop-ship from the manufacturer.