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Fill out and return our Credit Application and with your good credit history we can usually get you approved in 1-2 days.  Our terms are Net 30 from date of purchase and we send out a statement each month as a reminder.

Account Benefits

The biggest benefit is pricing.  We give you a discount on what you pay for each item based on your purchase volume.  This can be as much as 12-15% off our regular prices.

Here’s our Discount Program:

Level Average Monthly Spending Discount
Contractor Up to 2,500 2%
Gold 2,501-5,000 4%
Preferred 5,001-10,000 8%
VIP 10,001 + 12%-15%

** Everyday discounts also based on the case, ton or unit quantities.

Plus you get notifications on specials and in-store deals.  The other big benefit to account holders is whenever you need a credit reference, we are there to help.  Normal turn-around on providing credit information on your behalf is a couple hours.  Finally, we refer our DIY customers to you, the professional.  We want to see your business succeed!